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Portage Lake and Frankfort

Spent a couple of days in Ludington working on the boat and weathered in. Motored from Ludington to Portage Lake - about 35 miles and then on to Frankfort today again, motoring as there was no wind.

We are headed to Good Harbor, south of Leland or on to Northport tomorrow for another night at anchor. Cindy is great with scouring the maps and blogs to find anchoring sites.

Cindy and I have made the commitment to anchor as much as possible - not because we have to but because we want to. Seems we need the down time of being on the "hook" where the television doesn't always have to be on and we have to conserve electrical power so we read and talk more.

We have had several emails - (OK one) - concerning finding good anchoring locations at the various ports. Here is a run down of the rules as we understand them:

1. As long as you aren't in the channel on a lake or harbor you are free to anchor.

2. Check the Richardson's Charts - most lakes and harbors have special anchoring areas listed on the maps.

3. Look to see where other boats are anchored - no need to reinvent the wheel.

4. Anchor near a mooring ball field.

5. Find a good spot and just drop your anchor. Check however that there aren't any ferry services like at St. Ignace where the ferries may rock your boat so hard as to drag the anchor and cause your boat to drift. Not that it has happened to us but it has and the sheriff's deputy who dragged our boat in as we were at breakfast found it humorous.

Yesterday we anchored in Portage Lake near the east end by the Township Park. Tonight we are anchored by the mooring field on Betsie Lake by the municipal marina. We love Frankfort. Lots to do and the Crescent Bakery is there, which has great everything! Sunsets are spectacular as well.

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