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Sometimes you just have to take the bull by the horns or in this case the Cairn Terrier by the boat and head to charted and uncharted waters.

Duncan travels with Cindy and Jeff Cunningham aboard the 1996 Catalina 34 MKII named Respite. The three have sailed thousands of miles on the Great Lakes over the years.

We hope you enjoy sailing with us.  


Coopersville, MI



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The Adventure truly begins

June 26 A hard 30 miles from St. Ignace to Detour Passage. Took a straight shot from St. Ignace north of Mackinac Island. Wind again out of the east at 15-20 Kts. Waves 3-5 feet. After five hours of beating into the wind and waves, Duncan offered to mutiny. Once we passed Detour Light and headed north into the passage, the wind and the waves laid down and Duncan was happy to just take a nap. Our AIS system went off telling us that we hit a freighter this morning. The Gott passed close but not that close! Several other freighters passed us as we traveled. The adventure begins Until now the trip has been mainly about getting to the north channel. While interesting the real adventure and fun st

Sailing under the bridge and other stops

The last three days have seen a great sail from Leland to Harbor Springs, time out in Harbor Springs to spend time with friends and a tough sail from Harbor Springs to Greys Reef and then motoring under the Mackinac Bridge and on to St. Ignace where we are at the public marina. Answer to the emails – Linda writes “Hey Jeff how come you seem to no everything about the local bakeries and not much about other attractions?” Well Linda we have been on the move almost every day working to get to Canada before July 1 which is Canada Day. We have been getting into our destinations late and leaving early and besides I love baked goods!!!!!! If you own an old boat and don’t have a friend who is a mach

Another couple of days - another couple of new things

It has been an interesting couple of days. After anchoring in Frankfort on Wednesday, we headed to Northport yesterday. Got to the Manitou Passage, it was blowing 15-20 kn with waves 3-5 feet. That is the edge of what my friend Steve calls "blowing stink." Decided to go west of the islands, hoping that being on the leeward side of the islands would make for a better sail and it did until we reached the northern end of North Manitou and the weather outside the channel was the same as the weather inside. Educational lesson - The Manitou Passage is seven miles wide from South Manitou Island to the mainland’s Sleeping Bear Point. But the navigable deepwater channel is only a mile across. It is

Portage Lake and Frankfort

Spent a couple of days in Ludington working on the boat and weathered in. Motored from Ludington to Portage Lake - about 35 miles and then on to Frankfort today again, motoring as there was no wind. We are headed to Good Harbor, south of Leland or on to Northport tomorrow for another night at anchor. Cindy is great with scouring the maps and blogs to find anchoring sites. Cindy and I have made the commitment to anchor as much as possible - not because we have to but because we want to. Seems we need the down time of being on the "hook" where the television doesn't always have to be on and we have to conserve electrical power so we read and talk more. We have had several emails - (OK one) - c

First day out

First day sailed from Muskegon to Ludington - rather motored to Ludington. South winds and no spinnaker makes for a motoring day. I love Ludington. The art park next to the marina is truly wonderful for a small town. We should have done shake-down-cruise. Retiring and son's wedding limited our sailing time this spring. Nothing a day or two of just a little work shouldn't solve. BTW - Anyone who sails with their spouse needs to understand the "sailor" language isn't personal.

Waiting to shove off

We will be heading to the North Channel on Lake Huron in the very near future. We are leaving our home port on Muskegon Lake, in Muskegon, Michigan and heading north. Stay tuned for the adventure to begin.


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