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The Adventure truly begins

June 26

A hard 30 miles from St. Ignace to Detour Passage. Took a straight shot from St. Ignace north of Mackinac Island. Wind again out of the east at 15-20 Kts. Waves 3-5 feet. After five hours of beating into the wind and waves, Duncan offered to mutiny.

Once we passed Detour Light and headed north into the passage, the wind and the waves laid down and Duncan was happy to just take a nap.

Our AIS system went off telling us that we hit a freighter this morning. The Gott passed close but not that close! Several other freighters passed us as we traveled.

The adventure begins

Until now the trip has been mainly about getting to the north channel. While interesting the real adventure and fun started when we turned north into Detour passage and headed toward the North Channel.

We bypassed Detour Village and Drummond Island where we have stayed before in favor of anchoring at Harbor Island just a couple of miles north of Drummond Island. The horseshoe-shaped-island opens to the southwest and offers two bays in which to anchor. According to the charts there is only a few feet of water in either bay but our dept sounder shows 14-16 feet in the larger east bay and slightly less in the west bay making both ideal for those seeking to anchor and be safe from almost any weather. The fishing appears to be good as all day fishermen were coming and going, catching bass, perch, northern pike and other fish. The calm bays and warm waters seem to be ideal for everyone.

Harbor Island is a nature conservancy and has no human residents. There are few trails but the island is easy to access at several points to take pets ashore.

Met several couples who are using Harbor Island as the launching point for their North Channel trips. Most like us, are looking for a couple of days of rest and relaxation after several hard days of sailing to get here.

Cell phone reception is spotty at best and nonexistent at worst but then again – we are working to unplug so no cell reception is not a big deal.

June 27

Spent the day cleaning the boat and sleeping. Explored the island some and caught up with ourselves after pushing hard for 10 days to get here.

Duncan does not like to swim or even wade in the water but decided to go in up to his knees this afternoon when another dog Pepper decide to go for a swim right in front of him., Apparently you can teach an old dog new tricks.

First swim of the year. As always when I get in the water from the boat I wear a wetsuit for safety and warmth reasons. The water was 68 degrees today but the wetsuit keeps me warmer and if I were to have a health issue, the suit will allow whoever to find my body.

First leech of the year as well. I always inspect my entire body when I get out of the water and this afternoon there was a leech on my right foot. Poured salt on it and it died quickly. Lots of water snakes up here as well.

June 28

Headed to Drummond Island and got a slip at Drummond Island Yacth Haven. Renting a car for $12 and headed the 3 miles into the town to get groceries and of course ice cream for all.

Tomorrow off to Melgrum Bay, Ontario.

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